Software Projects


Our GitHub can be found here:

Please read through the files for each project as they will contain pertinent information on the operational status of the project as well as the major goals/priorities.

Getting Involved

If you would like to contribute to the MAD-HAX projects you will need to get acquainted with Git and GitHub if you are not already. Most of our projects will be Java or Python, or PHP web-based applications.

What it’s about

MAD-HAX projects are open-source and are intended to be a viable option for businesses and average users alike in regards to privacy and security. These projects will hopefully turn into productive community projects and inspire others to gain a deeper understanding of computer security, its importance, how to implement it, and provide everyone with some effective, and free, tools of the trade.

MAD-HAX is committed to the privacy and freedom of all computer users. The software developed will focus on both ease of use and advanced security techniques. One of the goals is to provide software that is intuitive enough that very little training is necessary to implement powerful defensive strategies. We aim to provide useful, quality, and well documented tools that support the MAD-HAX mission statement.

What it’s not about

The projects and software developed by the MAD-HAX community is intended for legal purposes only. We at MAD-HAX do not condone use of our community software for criminal purposes. That being said there is no way to prevent misuse as we cannot control how others use the software provided. If you do bad things you will eventually get caught, so don’t do bad things.